Corrosion has been a colossal headache for far too long. But what if the end of its reign* is on the horizon? OmniguardTM from DucaneTM is a next-gen coil offering enhanced corrosion resistance. And it’s engineered to help wipe out coil leaks*, indoors and out.

New technology, nothing new to learn.

Although the advancements from Omniguard(TM) are new to the market, its performance is proven over 10 years of intensive testing. It works. Tube-and-fin design with copper connections means there’s no training — just the same old install you know. Cleanup is easier, too — water, no chemicals.

Help reduce coil failure with Omniguard(TM).*

Efficient homes trap fumes from corrosive aerosols and cleaners, along with off-gassing from chemicals, which can lead to coil corrosion. Meanwhile, outdoor coils corrode from salt air, acid rain and more. Omniguard(TM) offers enhanced corrosion resistance — a real plus if you don’t like callbacks.

Tested. Proven. Easy.*

Developed over 10 years of extensive corrosion and heat transfer performance testing, Omniguard(TM) is a major advancement in corrosion technology. But tube-and-fin design with copper connections means installation is the same as always. Simple, just like you like it.

Complete protection, indoors and out.*

Today’s homes are full of chemicals that can cause coil leaks. Corrosive aerosols and cleaners, even off-gassing from paint and furniture, can all contribute. Outdoors, coils are exposed to salt air, acid rain and more. Want to help reduce callbacks and help improve long-term performance? Omniguard(TM) may just be the answer.

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Sales Literature

Sales Literature

*Depictions of corrosion are based on accelerated exterior/interior coil corrosion degradation; actual coil corrosion time frame may vary. Household items like paints, furniture, etc. emanate gaseous substances known as volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs are responsible for the new home smell and, when combined with moisture, can create organic acids that cause corrosion. Results are based on comparisons of standard copper tube and aluminum fin coils to an aluminum tube and aluminum fin coil constructed of specific alloys and indicate less corrosion over time. It does not alleviate 100% of corrosive effects.

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